Energy Storage as a Service
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Are growing electricity bills holding your business back?

Constant Energy’s Storage as a Service (ESaaS) guarantees to lower your electricity bills without the complexity of expenses of traditional diesel fuelled solutions

ESaaS is a unique combination of:

Advanced Battery Storage

Energy Management System

Service Contract

ESaaS Solution

Our ESaaS solution delivers real value to businesses with significant energy expenses including:


Guaranteed monthly savings on your electricity bill


New income streams through local incentive programs and market participation.

No Customer Cost

As ESaaS generates revenue, we share in the savings.

Set and forget approach means we handle all design, installation, ongoing operation and financing of the ESaaS solution.

ESaaS Services

Our holistic approach looks to capture real dollars and cents though a comprehensive set of services:

Coincident Peak Management

Reduce facility demand during regional coincident peak demand times. Many grid operators offer economic incentives for reducing energy usage during these periods.

Demand Response

Participate in ISO/RTO incentive programs to curtail facility energy demand without effecting operation.

Power Factor Correction

Condition incoming power to your facility to operate more efficiently and improve your power factor. An improved power factor reduces your monthly demand charge.

Power Quality

Receive uninterrupted, reliable power and eliminate unexpected fluctuations. This will minimize costly delays and defects due to intermittent power.

Back-up Power

Provide back-up power to operate a significant portion of your facility in times of grid failure. This keeps your facilities production on schedule and nearly at full capacity.

Peak Shaving

Reduce monthly demand charges by offsetting your energy at peak facility demand periods to minimize your monthly demand charges.

Energy Arbitrage

Purchase energy during off-peak times to use when electricity prices are high to lower the overall cost of electricity.

Market Ancillary Services

Participate in local ISO/RTO services such as frequency regulation, spinning reserve, and bid into the energy market. By participating in marketing ancillary services, your facility can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue.

Transmission & Distribution

Ease congestion and constraint on the electricity transmission network to maintain reliability and extend equipment lifetime. Local grid operators offer incentives for these services to defer costly system upgrades.

Why Constant Power?

ESaaS eliminates the three biggest hurdles to significantly lowering your electricity spend:

No Capital Required

We handle all the system costs which means there is no capital outlay from you. ESaaS is a simple, predictable, fixed-cost monthly service agreement.

The Know-How to Operate it

With ESaaS, we provide our live dashboard and monthly energy reports so you can see we are fulfilling our promise. Our 24-hour Network Operations Center is currently managing hundreds of MWs of Distributed Energy Resources across North America. Using our patented predictive operating software with a strong track record of performance, we minimize risk while maximizing your profit.

ESaaS Is Our Fulltime Job

ESaaS is our core business. We pride ourselves on being the industry leader and closely follow the latest electricity trends. By allowing us to focus on energy savings, you can focus on your core business. We built our business with the goal of lowering your energy costs.


ESaaS was built for you. Constant Power is here for you.

Energy Storage Advantages

ESaaS is superior to diesel and natural gas generators. It has a significantly lower OPEX and CAPEX, greater flexibility, is unobtrusive, and produces no GHG emissions. ESaaS can put real dollars and cents back in your pocket. Our offering currently spans:


Chemicals, Electrical, Lighting, Metals, Petrochemicals, Plastics


Retail, Large Offices, Medium Offices, Multi-Unit Residential, Supermarkets

Public Facilities

Colleges, Universities, Hotels, Hospitality, Schools


Oil & Gas Extraction, Paper & Pulp, Metals & Ore, Food Processing, Greenhouses

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