What do I need to provide in order for Constant Power to estimate my savings in greater detail than the calculator on the website?

Constant Power requires your interval electricity profile data and your electricity bills from the most recent year of operation. Your company’s energy manager would be able to provide this information.

What is the cost of the initial assessment?

Constant Power provides a site assessment at zero cost.

How long does it take to perform a system assessment?

Initial assessments can be performed in as little as 24 hours after receiving your electricity information.

What happens after the assessment?

If the assessment is beneficial for all parties, Constant Power will schedule a meeting to discuss the results and next steps.

Do I have to sign a contract for ESaaS?

Yes, the ESaaS contract term is typically 10 years or more. You always maintain the right to terminate the contract.

How much does it cost for ESaaS?

Essas does not require you to outlay any capital. The ESaaS monthly service fee is dependent on market and facility needs. The ESaaS fee will always be less than a combination of electricity savings and revenue generation.

How big is an ESaaS System?

The ESaaS system size is typically housed in a 20’ x 8’ x 8’ enclosure. The installation is very versatile and can be installed in a parking garage, next to your building, or in a customized location on-site or in your facility. We work with you to install the solution on your site in a manner you are comfortable with.

What if ESaaS saves more money than estimated?

If ESaaS saves more money than initially estimated, the additional savings are split between you and Constant Power based on the market and facility needs. This incentivises Constant Power to always maximize your savings and to continue generate revenue though additional value streams. If you save, we do too!

What if the system fails or doesn’t operate?

If the system does not operate, Constant Power takes full responsibility for down time and compensates you for potentially lost savings based on the guaranteed contracted value which would have been saved if the system was operating.

What if there are new incentives I want to participate in?

Constant Power strives to actively monitor and participate in new incentive programs in your region. As incentive programs are added or cancelled, we modify the ESaaS service to maximize your savings or revenue generation. These updates will accompany our Monthly Reports as they become available.

What if I move my facility?

If your facility moves locations, we are happy to relocate your ESaaS system to your new location for a relocation fee. The contract will not change but additional charges or a change in savings may occur based on your new location.

Will ESaaS interfere with my Operation or Site?

ESaaS enhances your site operations and operates seamlessly behind the scenes of your facility. ESaaS does not interrupt your operation and reacts within milliseconds to maintain power to your facility regardless of the grid supply.

What will happen to the ESaaS system at the end of the contracted term?

At the end of the term, you have the option of renewing the agreement or letting it terminate. If the contract is terminated, Constant Power will remove the ESaaS system and return your site to its original state. If you opt to extend the contract, a new contract is drafted and reissued outlining the terms and conditions of the renewal.