The GA was introduced with good intentions: to help finance the elimination of coal-based power generation, fix aging infrastructure, and increase variable generation sources like wind and solar. But it’s come with a hefty price tag for commercial and industrial consumers. Ontario manufacturers pay 4 to 5 times more[1] for electricity than companies located in neighbouring cities south of the border, and a large percentage of the inflated prices can be attributed to the GA fee. It was estimated that in 2013, the GA accounted for 70%[2]

of consumer’s electricity rates. As prices have skyrocketed, industry has felt the pinch- and so have the associated job markets.

Introducing the ICI

With such steep operating costs, industrial and commercial consumers have been calling on the government to assist in developing pathways to electricity savings. In response, the Ministry of Energy introduced the Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI), which allows qualifying businesses to pay the GA based on their percentage contribution to the top 5 peak hours in Ontario over a year. Companies with peak demand above 5 MW are automatically enrolled in the program. Later, eligibility was opened to companies with a peak demand above 3 MW, and soon the program will be expanded[3] to cover businesses with a peak demand above 1 MW. The expansion has the potential to reduce companies’ bills by up to 34%- a welcome cost savings for over-extended farms and small businesses.

Though the positive impact of the ICI program is undeniable, it cannot alleviate the 16% jump in industrial electricity rates that’s taken place over the last few years. Many commercial and industrial consumers are still left wondering what else can be done to take further steps to save electricity.

Energy Storage as a Service (ESaaS)

Energy storage has become increasingly appealing over the last several years as prices on grid battery storage equipment have dropped. But for many companies, the cost associated with installing and maintaining these grid energy storage systems (including labour, technical monitoring, and liability insurance) is prohibitive to implementation.

Enter Constant Power’s ESaaS program, a combination of advanced battery storage and custom-made energy management controls delivered through a comprehensive service contract. ESaaS allows customers to store energy during off-peak times and utilize this energy during peak demand, with the help of Constant Power’s power storage batteries. Not only does this save money, it also ensures that our customers continually have reliable, uninterrupted power supply, minimizing defects and delays, and eliminating costly, unexpected power fluctuations.

The ESaaS power storage system results in savings of at least 50% on your annual electricity bill, and our ongoing monitoring program will ensure that as new local and universal incentives become available, they will automatically be applied to your program. This continual tweaking promises electricity savings into the future, without ever having to monitor or implement anything yourself.

By combining ICI participation and ESaaS energy storage, industry customers have the potential to save an enormous amount of money annually, with no capital outlay.

Constant power’s ESaaS contract covers:

  • Design
  • Installation
  • Insurance
  • Ongoing Operation
  • Financing
  • Liability Insurance

All at an affordable, fixed monthly rate.

To learn more about how combining the ICI with Constant Power’s ESaaS energy storage program can help you to take steps to save electricity, book a FREE initial assessment today.

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