Individual consumers and business owners alike are feeling the pinch. Remarkably, as the cost of electricity continues to rise, the quality of the power we receive is undoubtedly decreasing. While the threat of widespread interruption looms, our aging energy infrastructure is unable to accommodate fluctuations in demand. In response, utilities incentivize customers to curtail electricity usage during peak times by raising electricity prices during high demand periods.

It makes sense for residential consumers; it’s easy to adjust the times during which you run your dishwasher or launder your clothes. But for commercial and industrial consumers, altering usage patterns is far less realistic. Try telling your employees that they’ll all need to switch to the graveyard shift next month- and watch the resignation letters roll in.

This places commercial and industrial consumers in quite a bind, paying climbing prices during peak times and receiving far less reliable power, resulting in significant dips in output, accuracy, and efficiency.

What is ESaaS?

Constant Power’s core business is Energy Storage as a Service (ESaaS): A combination of advanced battery storage and custom-made energy management controls delivered through a service contract.

Simply put: We examine your needs and develop a software solution that stores power during low-demand periods and introduces this stored power during peak demand. We continually monitor your grid power storage program, automatically applying new incentives as they become available through the utility. This not only saves you money (upwards of 50% of your annual electricity bill!), but also ensures reliable, consistent power even when the traditional grid experiences interruptions.

We handle all design, installation, insurance, ongoing operation, and financing, making the integration of ESaaS grid energy storage free from any up-front capital outlay.

Benefits of ESaaS

Cost Savings

  • Demand Response Participation
  • Coincidental Peak Avoidance
  • Energy Arbitrage
  • Fixed Monthly Cost
  • No Capital Outlay
  • New Revenue Streams- Sell Excess Power Back to the Grid!

Uninterrupted Power Supply

  • Eliminate Unexpected Fluctuations
  • Minimize Delays and Defects

No Operational Requirements

  • ESaaS Maintenance and Monitoring by Constant Power to maximize the value of the system

The Constant Power ESaaS Program

Step 1: Free Assessment
Constant Power’s ESaaS grid power storage program begins with a FREE initial assessment. We will examine your interval electricity profile data and your electricity bills from the most recent year of operation (generally speaking, your company’s energy manager will have access to this information). The initial assessment can be performed in as little as 24 hours after receiving this information.

Step 2: First Meeting
If the initial assessment determines that ESaaS is beneficial for all parties, Constant Power will schedule a meeting to discuss the results and the next steps.

Step 3: Contract Development and Implementation
Constant Power will develop a service contract to manage all technical and operational components of your grid power storage system, determining your fixed monthly rate. No more surprises. No more fluctuations in electricity prices. Just reliable, sustainable power that saves you substantially on your annual electricity cost.

Step 4: Ongoing Program Enhancement
As part of Constant Power’s ongoing monitoring of your grid energy storage system, new local and universal incentives from utilities will be applied to your ESaaS program, increasing your electricity savings! You’ll be informed of these updates in your Monthly Report.

Why Constant Power?

Though there are plenty of companies offering power storage batteries, Constant Power is unique in our offering of total service. Our Energy Storage as a Service (ESaaS) program is an integrated package that includes assessment, installation, ongoing maintenance, continuous monitoring, and custom demand controls. There’s no need to hire a new team to implement your ESaaS power storage system- Constant Power does it all for you, at a fixed monthly rate.

For more information on how your company can begin reducing costs, increasing electricity savings, and securing reliable, interruption-free power with ESaaS, contact our team today