Within Canada in 2014, there were approximately 482,000 commercial and institutional buildings, consuming a total of 911.2 million gigajoules of energy. Of those buildings, 35.6% were located in Ontario. But those buildings consumed the highest amount of energy in Canada- a staggering 41.6%! Generally speaking, hospitals had the highest energy intensity levels of all building types, with food and beverage stores, and office buildings following closely behind.

While energy usage in the Municipalities, Universities, School Boards, and Hospitals (MUSH) sector fell well behind that of the manufacturing industry that same year (which represented in 2014 comparatively speaking), the cost associated with energy spend for institutions in the MUSH sector remains significant. In Ontario’s energy market, where prices have continued to surge for several years now, large data centres and tall office buildings have the opportunity to benefit substantially from finding new ways to save electricity.

As many landlords understand, a hike in electricity prices must often be passed along to tenants. But any raise in rent prices also puts the landlord at risk, as the tenant may decide to relocate to a region able to offer lower prices. Landlords must be able to recoup their costs, but must also remain competitive in order to maintain their revenue.

A 50% Reduction in Energy Spend?

At first glance, the idea of reducing annual energy spend by 50% may seem unrealistic. With such a large number (potentially millions of dollars per year), the assumption is that any efficiency measures will require significant capital outlay that will take several years to recoup and begin reaping the benefits.

Fortunately, there is a new method to reduce annual energy spend. It’s called Energy Storage as a Service, or ESaaS. ESaaS is a unique combination of advanced grid battery storage, paired with an energy management system, delivered through a service contract. In short, Constant Power’s ESaaS grid energy storage program uses tailor-made controls to store energy during low demand periods when electricity is the least expensive, and then introduces this stored energy when prices are higher, allowing the customer to reduce facility demand during regional coincident peak demand times. In addition to a 50% reduction in annual energy spend, ESaaS battery power storage systems provide customers with the following benefits:

Increased Power Quality
Power storage solutions delivered through ESaaS improve power quality at all times- even when the grid storage system is not in storage mode. ESaaS clients receive Uninterrupted Power Supply, even when the grid is experiencing interruptions.

Sell Power Back to the Grid
Grid energy storage often results in the receipt of excess, high quality power that can be sold back to the grid for a profit! In many cases, this has the potential to equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars of new revenue.

Environmental Sustainability
Since ESaaS is simply a grid scale electricity storage system, it does not require the use of any fossil fuels to generate power (as in the case of a CHP Plant). ESaaS simply delivers high quality, low cost power, without any large carbon footprint.

Pass the Savings Along to Your Clients

Since ESaaS is delivered through a service contract, implementing the grid battery storage system requires no up-front investment; all financing is included in the affordable, fixed monthly rate. Constant Power also takes full responsibility for any technology risk, providing ongoing monitoring, maintenance, and insurance.

ESaaS customers are able to utilize the money saved through electrical energy savings in order to offer more competitive pricing on their products and services: For example, lowering monthly rent costs to tenants in large scale office buildings, or lowering per-unit prices on products in manufacturing scenarios.

2017 is the year to become more competitive in the marketplace. And ESaaS is a simple, affordable, environmentally sustainable way to achieve that goal. Begin taking steps to save electricity today by reaching out to the team at Constant Power.